Saturday, March 3rd, 2001 from 10 AM to 2 PM

Language Laboratory, (Fisk Hall) at Wesleyan University


10-12 Tech Fair Display of new and not-so-new language software for individual exploration. Also publishers' brochures and books and articles from our CTW collection. (List of software presented). Presentation of CommonSpace, software for student writing exercises that allows students to comment on each other's writing and facilitates the instructor's editing and correcting.

Although some languages have more products available to them than others, the Tech Fair gives you a chance to see not only what has been developed for your particular language but also the types of products currently being created for language learning; you may come away with ideas as to what to expect--or request--from your usual publishers in the future.

12-1 Lunch, with Language Tables

There will be a table for each language, to allow CTW colleagues to become reacquainted or newly acquainted with each other. Some discussion topics will be suggested, such as:

technology in teaching on our campuses

(NOTE: For those of you who may not have colleagues teaching your language at the other schools, don't let this deter you from attending--you will have an opportunity to see how colleagues from other less commonly taught languages are coping.)

1-2 Reports from the tables and general discussion. Before adjourning, we will ask for your suggestions about future CTW Mellon events.

To enable us to order enough food, you must RSVP by February 23rd to your campus liaison: Marisa, Emanuel or Sergei.