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Donnie Mather

The Viewpoints is a physical approach to actor training and a vocabulary that addresses issues of Time and Space. Originally articulated by Mary Overlie and expanded by Anne Bogart & SITI Company, the Viewpoints allow a group of actors to function together spontaneously and intuitively to generate bold, theatrical work quickly as an ensemble. The 9 physical Viewpoints include: Tempo, Shape, Kinesthetic Response, Gesture, Repetition, Architecture, Topography, Spatial Relationship, and Duration. Every performance, every characterization, every style or genre is comprised of a combination of these fundamentals. Through this training, performers seek to cultivate a keener awareness of each Viewpoint's function. It is a rigorous improvisational practice that develops flexibility, articulation, and strength in movement and makes ensemble playing really possible. As a philosophy, it places all the elements of performance on a level playing field where each element is no more important than the other. By empowering often overlooked tools, this encourages theatre-makers to be much more mindful of their choices. 

Viewpoints Training reminds performers that Story is not merely the arrangement of words on the page. It is an affirmation that the primary source for expression is the Body. Likewise, speaking and text work are addressed in the 8 Vocal Viewpoints. It is a reminder, too, that speaking is not merely a psychological act or emotional act but also a physical act. 

Donnie Mather is a theatre artist based in New York City. Since 1999, Mather has been a frequent instructor of Suzuki and Viewpoints, two physical approaches to actor training. With over 20 years of experience, Mather has studied and trained extensively with SITI Company, Anne Bogart, Tina Landau, and Mary Overlie. He has taught at the Atlantic Acting School, NYU, Columbia University, Harvard University, New York Conservatory of Dramatic Art, Fordham University, The New School, Marymount, Stella Adler Studio, Long Island University, Bard College, The Eugene O’Neill Theatre Center, Shakespeare Theatre of New Jersey, University of Houston, Hollins University, Louisiana State University, University of Alabama at Birmingham, Western Kentucky University, Hope College, and University of Puerto Rico. Internationally, Mather has taught throughout Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Germany, Mexico, and Turkey. Twice, Mather was a guest artist of the Iberoamericano Theatre Festival of Bogotá in 2008 and 2010; and was the invited keynote speaker on Viewpoints Training at the University of Rio de Janeiro in 2009.

As an actor, Mather has performed in numerous New York venues including Lincoln Center, Park Avenue Armory, HERE Arts Center, The Ohio Theater, Dance New Amsterdam, Angel Orensanz Center, and the 4th Street Theater. He has worked with En Garde Arts, Theatre Askew, NYC Opera and Los Angeles Opera. Regionally, Mather spent several seasons at The Shakespeare Theatre of New Jersey. Mather was an Associate Artist of SITI Company for many years where he performed in SEVEN DEADLY SINS, LILITH (World Premiere), MACBETH (Swine Palace Theatre), NICHOLAS & ALEXANDRA (with Placido Domingo); as well as created and performed A SHOW OF FORCE directed by Leon Ingulsrud presented at the Manizales International Theatre Festival. With playwright Charles L Mee, Mather has worked on three New York premieres: TROJAN WOMEN A LOVE STORY (directed by Tina Landau); FETES DE LA NUIT and SOOT & SPIT (both directed by Kim Weild). Mather also directed and choreographed Mee’s BOBRAUSCHENBERGAMERICA for Hope College. He has provided choreography and movement for WeildWorks, Our Voices Theater, Atlantic Theatre, and NYU. Mather is the Founding Artist of The Adaptations Project where he created and performed KADDISH (OR THE KEY IN THE WINDOW) based on the poem by Allen Ginsberg directed by Kim Weild. www.AdaptationsProject.org

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