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Fred M. Ellis

Professor of Physics

Exley Science Center, 231


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BS University of Massachusetts Amherst
MAA Wesleyan University
PHD University of Massachusetts Amherst

Fred M. Ellis

My research revolves around experimental investigation of exotic wave systems, macroscopic quantum phenomena, thermodynamics, acoustics, and electronics. Of particular interest is the study of superfluid 4He films, where all of these categories overlap. Using acoustic waves known as "third sound" supported by the film as a probe, I study the properties of quantized vortices and their relation to wave-induced persistent currents. These experiments are performed at very low temperatures where I am also exploring a related process of Bose condensation of particles into the film flow as a mechanism for conversion of disordered thermal energy into ordered kinetic energy.

The experimental techniques used have also lead to recent advances in using simple electronic circuits to demonstrate novel physics associated with more complex optical phenomena.


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Mon & Wed, 1:30 - 2:30; Tue &Thu, 10 - 12; Fri, 2:30 - 4:30

PHYS315 course webpage -- https://wesfiles.wesleyan.edu/home/fellis/PHY315



Fall 2017
PHYS 315 - 01
Quantum Mechanics II

PHYS 505 - 01
Condensed Matter Phys Seminar

Spring 2018
PHYS 340 - 01
Computational Physics

PHYS 345 - 01
Electronics Lab

PHYS 506 - 01
Condensed Matter Phys Seminar