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H.C. Robinson

Visiting Assistant Professor of Science in Society

Allbritton Center, 211


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AB Harvard University
JD Harvard University
PHD Massachusetts Institute of Technology

H.C. Robinson

My research involves observing and describing the interaction between technological change and legal decisionmaking in the construction of social order, particularly as courts of law engage in decision-making about technological things and practices. In addition to studying algorithmic labor markets (including by working as an Uber driver), I have researched and written on the Supreme Court’s regulation of political speech during elections in the context of technologies of mass media, on the construction of kinship by courts of law as people use reproductive biotechnologies, and on the interaction between street-level police practices, DNA databases, and legal determinations of both criminal culpability and likelihood to recidivate after someone has been charged and convicted.

These topics are all about the ethics, power, and politics of decision-making concerning technology. I believe that academic research can and should deepen public discourse, and whenever possible I have made efforts to transform my scholarly material into material accessible to public, non-specialist audiences (this can be seen under the “non-academic publications” section of my c.v.- Wesleyan link: "Professional Website"). Teaching has also been a great source of learning and vocation for me. From 2009–2012, I was an assistant professor of law at Vermont Law School, and I taught alongside my graduate studies at M.I.T., and as a visiting lecturer at the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies in Geneva, Switzerland. I am excited to join the liberal arts and sciences community at Wesleyan in 2017.

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SiSP, Allbritton 211 by appointment (text 240-643-6022)



Spring 2018
SISP 240 - 01
Rsrch Methods in Sci Studies

SISP 264 - 01
Social&Cultural Studies of Sci

SISP 310 - 01
Transnat Comp Tech Regulation