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Jennifer Lee Cooper

Visiting Scholar in Psychology

Judd Hall, 300


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BA Carleton College
MS Rutgers University
PHD Rutgers University

Jennifer Lee Cooper

Jennifer Cooper is a cognitive development psychologist, interested in educational applications and mathematical learning. She integrates influences from the learning sciences to her research on how principles of cognition apply to problem solving and reasoning. More specifically, her research is on conceptual development, learning, and problem solving with two main lines of research: a) the development of statistical literacy and b) the effects of different types of visual representations (e.g., diagrams, graphs, and illustrations) on children’s and adults’ learning and problem solving in math and statistics. Her Ph.D. in Cognitive Psychology is from Rutgers-New Brunswick, and she received her B.A. from Carleton College.

She worked as a researcher and instructor at UW-Madison before coming to Wesleyan, where she was a postdoctoral fellow researching enrollment and outcomes associated with the Passion Driven Statistics curriculum implemented in QAC 201: Applied Data Analysis and at other institutions. At Wesleyan, she has taught a psychology seminar on cognition, instruction, and development as well as an R section of Applied Data Analysis. Now, a visiting scholar, she is continuing to collaborate on the statistics education research.


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Summer 2017
QAC 201 - 01
Applied Data Analysis