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Janice R. Naegele

Alan M. Dachs Professor of Science

Hall-Atwater Laboratories,

Professor of Biology

Hall-Atwater Laboratories, 254

Professor, Neuroscience and Behavior

Hall-Atwater Laboratories, 254


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BA Mount Holyoke College
PHD Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Janice R. Naegele

Janice R. Naegele is a developmental neuroscientist whose research seeks to identify novel treatments for epilepsy and brain damage. She has published extensively on applications of stem cell transplantation for neural repair, including articles on embryonic stem cell therapy for treating epilepsy and the synaptic mechanisms underlying seizure suppression by fetal inhibitory neuron transplants. Current work focuses on understanding how developing mouse or human GABAergic neurons form inhibitory synapses after transplantation into the hippocampus, a region of the brain vital for forming new memories. Dr. Naegele recently co-authored a review on synaptic dysfunction in neurological diseases including epilepsy. In the Naegele laboratory a team of graduate students, working with undergraduates and technicians, investigates the therapeutic effects of stem cell transplantation through experimental approaches including behavior, electrophysiology, immunohistochemistry, viral-mediated gene overexpression, and optogenetics.

Janice R. Naegele, Alan M Dachs Professor of Science in the Department of Biology and Program in Neuroscience and Behavior at Wesleyan University. A graduate of Mount Holyoke College, Professor Naegele received her Ph.D. from Massachusetts Institute of Technology and did her postdoctoral research at Rockefeller University with Colin Barnstable and Torsten Wiese and was an Associate Research Scientist at Yale University School of Medicine, before joining Wesleyan University in 1991. She has served as Chair of Biology, Director of the Center for Faculty Career Development, and is currently Chair of the Faculty. Her work is funded by the Connecticut Regenerative Medicine Research fund, the National Institutes of Health, and CURE Epilepsy. Recent honors include: 2017 Connecticut Women of Innovation award,  he Louise Hansen Marshall Mentoring Award from the Society for Neuroscience, and election to the Connecticut Academy of Science and Engineering.

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