Wesleyan portrait of Mahama Samir Bandaogo

Mahama Samir Bandaogo

Assistant Professor of Economics

Public Affairs Center, 330


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BS University of Oregon
MA University of Washington
PHD University of Washington

Mahama Samir Bandaogo

Mahama Samir Bandaogo's current research focuses on understanding the impact of the informal sector on fiscal and monetary policy, the welfare impact of labor mobility in a currency union and the determinants of the duration of sudden stops. 

Mahama Samir completed his PhD in Economics at the University of Washington in Seattle. He is a citizen of the Land of Upright People, also known as Burkina Faso.

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Office Hours

Tuesdays: 1-2PM

Wednesdays: 11-12PM


Fall 2017
ECON 302 - 02
Macroeconomic Analysis

ECON 331 - 01
Open-Economy Macroeconomics

Spring 2018
ECON 273 - 01
Growth and Development

ECON 302 - 01
Macroeconomic Analysis