Peter Kilby

Professor of Economics, Emeritus

Wasch Ctr for Retired Faculty, 309

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BA Harvard University
DPHIL Oxford University
MA Johns Hopkins University
MAA Wesleyan University

Peter Kilby

SELECTED PUBLICATIONS: "The Heffalump Revisited," Journal of International Entrepreneurship 2003; "Exploring the Relationship between Price and Quality for Hand-Rolled Cigars," with David Freccia Wes '98 and Joyce Jacobsen, Quarterly Review of Economics and Finance 2003; Transforming Agrarian Economies, Cornell University Press, with Tomich and Johnston, 1995; editor, Quantity and Quiddity, Wesleyan University Press, 1987; Industrialization in an Open Economy, Cambridge Univ. Press 1969; "Small-Scale Manufacturing in Kenya," MSU Rural Development Working Paper, 1982; also in World Bank, Kenya: Growth and Structural Change 1983; Agriculture and Structural Transformation, with B. Johnston, Oxford University Press 1975; editor, Entrepreneurship and Economic Development, Free Press 1971; "Organization and Productivity in Backward Economies," Quarterly Journal of Economics 1962; "African Labour Productivity Reconsidered," Economic Journal 1961.

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