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Stephen Edward Collins

Associate Professor of Film Studies

Film Studies, 160


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BA Wesleyan University
MFA University of Texas Austin

Stephen Edward Collins

Steve Collins is a filmmaker who makes narrative and documentary work that focuses on humor, love, emotional pain, and cinema. His comedies are a kind of "grey" or "therapeutic" comedy, typicaly dealing with misfits and using humor to rescue his characters and audience from the creulty and the sterility of modern life.  His dramas shift the focus from humor to the beauty of the natural world as our path to release. Comic or tragic, his work explores the causes and cures for emotional suffering, using color, sound, and editing, as healing forces in the physcial experience of his films.

Steve Collins wrote and directed the feature film You Hurt my Feelings, a New York Times and New York Magazine critics pick, available digitally through Oscilloscope. His first feature was Gretchen, which won Best Narrative Feature at the Los Angeles Film Festival in 2006. Collins has taught filmmaking at UT Austin, at a therapeutic boarding school, and now at Wesleyan University, where he presently heads the film production division.

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