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Prof. Sumarsam

Winslow-Kaplan Professor of Music

Professor of Music

Music Studios, 303


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BA Akademi Seni Karavitan
MA Wesleyan University
PHD Cornell University

Prof. Sumarsam

Sumarsam has played Javanese gamelan since childhood. He is also a keen amateur dhalang (puppeteer) of wayang puppet play. His research on the history, theory, and performance practice of gamelan and wayang, and on Indonesia-Western encounter theme has resulted the publication of numerous articles and two books: GAMELAN: CULTURAL INTERACTION AND MUSICAL DEVELOPMENT IN CENTRAL JAVA (1995) and JAVANESE GAMELAN AND THE WEST (2013). His recent research focuses on the intersections between religion and performing arts. Examining discourses of transculturalism, the performing arts, and Islam among the Javanese, Sumarsam will carry out field and archival research in Indonesia, under the auspicious of NEH and ACLS fellowship grant (2016-17).

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Office Hours

Tuesday and Thursday 1:00 pm - 2:30 pm


Fall 2018
MUSC 451 - 01
Javanese Gamelan--Beginners

MUSC 452 - 01
Javanese Gamelan--Advanced