Academic Affairs

Publications Assistance Grant

Because of changing market conditions, publishers sometimes request that authors provide funds to underwrite the publication of scholarly monographs, books, and other formats. To address this situation, the Office of Academic Affairs has instituted a new pilot program, outlined below, to support the publication efforts of tenured and tenure-track faculty. Wesleyan will share with the author some of the costs of a publication subvention.  Wesleyan will match the author's contribution (dollar for dollar) with Wesleyan's contribution not exceeding $3000.  The grant may be applied to the cost of permissions, but it may not be used for indexing, journal page fees, or textbooks.

  1.  Eligibility:   Tenured and tenure-track faculty
  2.  Eligible Publications:
    • Publications in any language or academic discipline
    • Publications in a variety of formats, including books, articles, recordings, DVDs, web-based publications, and other artistic works
    • Only publications placed with a non-profit scholarly publisher who, after a favorable review process recommending publication, stipulates that the publication assistance grant is a condition of publication.
  3. Other Guidelines for Authors/Applicants:
    1.  Authors may not suggest the possibility of a publication subvention in their communications with publishers.
    2.  Before they may apply for the program, applicants for a publication assistance grant must have from the publisher either a signed contract or a formal letter of acceptance pending a subvention.
    3. The author may not be the publisher, producer, or agent.
    4. One copy of the publication must be provided at no cost to the University Library.
    5. Wesleyan’s support must be recognized in the publication.
  4.  Application Process:
    1.  Authors must submit the following:
      • Manuscript or description of work with title
      • c.v.
      • Formal letter of acceptance from publisher, with a statement that a subvention of a specific amount is required, and a justification for that amount
      • Copies of letters to other funding sources, including Wesleyan sources, to which the applicant has applied for support and the responses received.  (See Section E below.)
      • Statement of the significance of the publication for the field and for the author's career
    2. Awards Process:
      • Deadlines: Wesleyan will use a rolling process.
      • Applications should be submitted to the Office of Academic Affairs, attn: Joy Vodak. They will then be reviewed by the Academic Deans.  Final approval and notice will come from the Office of Academic Affairs.
      • A limited number of awards will be available.   Awards will be made on a 50% matching basis--shared between the author and Wesleyan.  The maximum amount that Wesleyan will contribute is $3,000.
  5.  Other Sources for Faculty to Receive Publishing Subventions
    1. 1.  Scholarly Societies and Academies:
      Check web sites for eligibility.  An example is the Medieval Academy of America:
    2. Foundations and Grants:
      Check web sites for various grant program descriptions.  An example is NHPRC of the National Archives and Records Administration:
    3. Departmental Funds:
      Some departments have endowed funds to support faculty research and publications.
The above pilot program will be reviewed periodically and may be changed or revoked.