Major program: A minimum of nine courses is required for the archaeology major. All majors must take Introduction to Archaeology (ARCP204) and Development of Archaeological Theory and Practice (ARCP381).

In addition, majors are expected to take at least one course from each of four areas: Anthropology, Art History, Classical Civilization, and Methods and Theory. The remaining three courses must consist of two elective courses in archaeology or related disciplines, which may include study abroad, and one of two senior essay or thesis tutorials.

Sample Courses:  Paleoanthropology: The Study of Human Evolution; Art and Archaeology of the Bronze Age Mediterranean; Monumental Cultures of Pre-Columbian North America; Roman Urban Life; Survey of Roman Archaeology and Art

Number of Professors: 6

Archaeology Building
Title: Student Spotlight
Archaeology Building

Lauren Heath

Archaeology Major

Outside the Classroom: In high school, I worked on two excavations, an Ancestral Puebloan site in Cortez, Colo., and a Roman site in Mallorca, Spain.  Last summer, I went on a dig at an Inca site in Ecuador, and this summer I'm back in Cortez as an intern at Crow Canyon Archaeological Center.