Major program: The certificate program offers undergraduates training in the multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary ways that Jewish and Israel studies are taught across the curriculum at Wesleyan. Over a three-year cycle, courses are offered in various departments and in a number of academic areas including Jewish religion, Jewish history, Israel studies, and Jewish letters. The certificate program is not a major or a minor in any one department or program. Rather, the program is an opportunity for students to forge coherence in that large part of the curriculum that falls outside the major.

The program requires students to take seven courses in a sequence that includes gateway courses, Hebrew, a distribution of more advanced classes, and a capstone seminar on theory and methodology. Students pursuing the certificate will be required to take two gateway courses (one in the Religion Department and another in the History Department) from among the following:

  • HIST247 Jewish History From Biblical Israel to Diaspora Jews
  • HIST248 Jewish History: Out of the Ghetto
  • HIST267 Jewish History: Jews in Eastern Europe 
  • RELI201 Old Testament/Hebrew Bible
  • RELI204 Judaism(s)

Candidates for the certificate are encouraged to study Hebrew or another foreign language relevant to their program.

Sample Courses: Comparative Politics of the Middle East; American Jewish History: 1492-2001; Jewish History: From Spanish Expulsion to Jon Stewart

Number of Professors: 16

Jewish and Israel Studies Building
Title: Faculty Spotlight
Jewish and Israel Studies Building

Magna Teter

Associate Professor of History, Director, Jewish & Israel Studies Certificate Program

Research Interests:  As a scholar of early modern religious and cultural history, she teaches a broad variety of courses in Jewish history, early modern European history, and religious and cultural history of the pre-modern era.  In her research she specializes in early modern religious and cultural history in Poland, focusing on the politics of the multifaceted topic of Jewish-Christian relations.