Major program:  At Wesleyan, the neurosciences are represented by the teaching and research activities of faculty members in the Biology, Psychology and Molecular Biology and Biochemistry departments. The NS&B curriculum is both comprehensive and provides diverse approaches to learning. Through lecture/seminars, lab-based methods courses, and hands-on research experience, students are afforded a rich educational experience. Unique among schools of comparative size, Wesleyan has small but active graduate programs leading to MA and PhD degrees. This attribute, together with the high success rate of faculty in obtaining research grant support, further enhances the education of undergraduates by providing role models, more research opportunities, and access to state-of-the-art laboratories. The mission of the NS&B Program is to provide the foundation for a variety of career options in science, medicine, and private industry.

Sample Courses:  Waves, Brains, and Music; Neurohistology; Stem Cells: Basic Biology to Clinical Application; Sensation and Perception: Behavioral Neurobiology; Origins of Knowledge

Number of Professors: 10

Neuroscience and Behavior Building
Title: Student Spotlight
Neuroscience and Behavior Building

Kelley Miller

Neuroscience and Behavior Major, Class of '10

Research Interests: "Psychotic and neurodegenerative disorders. I am currently conducting research on various cognitive deficits associated with schizophrenia, and more specifically a novel intervention to help treat the facial affect recognition deficit in schizophrenic patients."