Major program: Introductory Sociology is required for admission to the major. Each major is assigned a faculty advisor with whom the student works out a program of study. Majors must complete 10 courses. The courses must be distributed as follows:

  • 3 foundation courses:
    • Introductory Sociology
    • Sociological Analysis (methods)
    • Sociology and Social Theory (theory)
  • 6 topical courses: e.g. Housing and Public Policy, The Sociology of Medicine, or Sociology of Education
  • 1 research course (considered topical courses): e.g. Paternalism and Social Power or Community Research Seminar

Sample Courses:  Sociological Analysis; The Family; Race, Violence, and Memory Cultures; Paternalism and Social Power; Diasporas, Transnationalism, and Globalization; Media and Society; Social Dimensions of Music

Number of Professors: 11

Sociology Building
Title: Student Spotlight
Sociology Building

Mu Abeledo

Sociology Major, Class of '09

Why Sociology?  "You can really focus in on any area you want. Sociology is the only major that organizes reading groups, and although these groups are open to students of any major, they were an integral part of my Sociology experience."