Cece Lin


Class:                  2012

Major:                 Government, International Relations Concentration 

Activities:          WesFest Intern, Leadership Intern, Teriscope Dance
WESwing & Blues, Spring Dance, Outhouse
(Wesleyan Outing Club)

Hometown:       Bayside, NY

High School:     Stuyvesant High School

Cece answers the question "Why Wes?"

Why Wes: I grew up in a big city with people bustling in and out of packed subways at 7a.m. I attended school where 3,000 students climbed up and down our ten-story high school building. When the time rolled around for me to select which college was perfect for me, I had to make a decision about whether or not I wanted to keep the metropolitan educational setting with thousands of college students or to have a change of pace in life by selecting a smaller school. When I attended WesFest in April 2008, I was given an opportunity to observe academic life at Wesleyan. The small classrooms and active discussions between professors and students made me realize how a smaller community provided a truly interactive learning environment. I’ve come to learn that this tight-knit community has not only been nurturing in an academic setting but also incredibly welcoming in every endeavor I’ve come across.