Gregory "Greg" Tavarez '16

MAJOR:    Economics


Admissions Intern
Men’s Track and Field
Invisible Men                

HOMETOWN: West New York, NJ 

HIGH SCHOOL: Hackley School  


I hail from the town of West New York, a small, but densely populated town in Northeastern New Jersey. I attended the local public school, Stevens Co-Operative School, until 7th grade and graduated as Class of 2008.  Breaking out of my shell, I truly began to shine as a member of the community. I was Editor-in-Chief of the school's newspaper, The SCOOP Tribune and found my passion for the guitar. Stevens helped me explore the world outside of my hometown such as weeklong trips to Vermont, Washington DC, and even Mexico.

WHY WES: Most of the universities to which I considered applying called for some unavoidable personal compromise that I was unwilling to make.  As a track athlete, if I had gone to a Division I school, I wouldn’t have been able to run. If I had gone to an academically specialized business school, I would have had to surrender my freedom to pursue multiple academic interests. Going to Wes wouldn’t cost me anything, and for a future economist like myself, that is optimal.            

La Vida Es Un Carnival by Celia Cruz      

Liar Liar                   


My first, middle, and last names all have seven letters. I am a Pokémon Master, catching all 151 original Pokémon.


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