Keyonne headshot

Keyonne "Key" Session '17

MAJOR:    Theater/Psychology


Admissions Intern
Wesleyan Student Assembly
Class of 2017 Student Council
Wesleyan Diversity Education Facilitators
Intramural Basketball Referee
Invisible Men

HIGH SCHOOL: Friends Academy


Though living in Queens my entire life, I spent a majority of my high career on the beautiful Long Island where I attended the Quaker Independent School, Friends Academy. Graduating in 2013 felt as if I was leaving home behind due to the tremendous opportunities offered to me. Friends introduced me to my current passions for Theater and Admissions, where I participated in school shows, and worked as a Tour Guide, similar to my time here at Wes. Now that I’m on Wesleyan’s campus, those passions have continued to grow with my involvement in the WSA working mainly on school spirit and events, to acting in student-run shows through Second Stage or a faculty production. If you ever want to try and spot me on campus, just look for the guy who won’t stop smiling! 

WHY WES: The question “Why Wes? is a question that many ask and one that yields a surplus of answers. One of the main reasons I chose Wesleyan was because of the diverted campus that exits at Wesleyan which allows for students to exist as individuals. By a diverse campus and existing as an individual, I mean an environment in which an athlete can double major in a science and a humanities and still be seen as just themselves a campus in which you cannot define what a “typical” Wesleyan student is because there is no one specific student.

Pass the Vibes by Chance the Rapper

The Lion King                     

I was a Diamond Dealer escort one summer


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