Maurice "Mo" Hill, Jr. '14

MAJOR:      African American Studies
Certificate in the Study of Education
ACTIVITIES: Admission Intern
Wesleyan Student Assembly
Students for Education Reform


HIGH SCHOOL: Cranbrook Kingswood Upper School


I was born and raised in Detroit, MI. I graduated from Cranbrook Kingswood Upper School, and was an active participant in the Horizons-Upward Bound program at my school. During my sophomore year in high school, I went on a week long college tour. That was when I visited Wesleyan University for the first time. The stress associated with visiting 13 colleges in 5 days did not help put Wesleyan at the top of my list. However, Wesleyan remained one of my schools of interest. My love and admiration for Wes developed when I visited campus during WesFest.  

WHY WES: When making my college decisions, I knew I wanted four things: to be out of my home state (Michigan), near a major city, a competitive environment, and a caring environment. The first three criteria were not that difficult to find, but the latter proved otherwise. To me, Wes is the competitive, yet caring, environment that I was looking for; it also helps that New York City is a quick train ride away. I know that students, professors, and employers are always going to expect me to put forward my absolute best, but these same people will help me to become even better than I could have ever expected. At Wes, I know that if I ask anyone for help on a paper, or help studying, they will give me the best help that they can give. We are not perfect human beings, and some people are better at things than we are. Only at Wesleyan will people give me the sincere help that I need.   

FAVORITE SONG: Tom Ford by Jay Z


INTERESTING FACT: Spicy food makes my head itch.


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