Wesleyan University Supplement to the Common Application
(optional but recommended)

The newly redesigned Common Application (CA4) contains two Wesleyan-specific parts: the Member Questions and the Writing Supplement. The Member Questions must be submitted along with the Common Application. The Writing Supplement may be completed after the application has been filed. 

The procedure to access the supplement is as follows:

a)  Register with the Common Application.
b)  Search for and add Wesleyan University as one of your schools.
c)  You will find the Wesleyan Member Questions and the Writing Supplement available on your Dashboard.
d)  Pay your fee via the Payment section, or submit your fee with the application later.

For your information, here is a preview of the Wesleyan Optional Writing Supplement:

Please select one from the following questions and respond in 250 words or less.

1.  Wesleyan students are interesting and interested, known for their intellectual curiosity, conversations and collaborations.  Please tell us about an interesting conversation or collaboration in which you've recently taken part.

2.  Wesleyan President Michael Roth believes a liberal arts education is a pragmatic choice in these times.  In what way do you see a liberal arts education having practical value?

3.  What recent news story--local or global--has resonated with you personally?  Share the story and tell us why it had that impact on you.