Applying to Wesleyan

Early Decision

Wesleyan builds each class around a strong nucleus of students who have decided that Wesleyan is their first choice school. Approximately 40% of each entering class is admitted through Early Decision. Wesleyan has two rounds of early decision. The Early Decision Program is designed for those students who, after careful consideration, have decided that Wesleyan is their first choice. Students applying under Early Decision certify that Wesleyan is their first choice and agree to accept Wesleyan’s offer of admission if extended. Students also agree to withdraw applications submitted to other colleges and not to initiate any new applications.

Wesleyan offers two options under the Early Decision Program. Option I is designed for students who have decided early in the fall that Wesleyan is their first choice. The application deadline is November 15 with notification by December 15.

Option II recognizes that some students arrive at a final college choice later than others. It also accommodates students who wish to have their senior year first semester grades included in their application. The application deadline is January 1 with notification by February 15.

Wesleyan notifies all applicants electronically for all admission decisions.  Instructions on how to view your online decision letter will be sent via e-mail prior to the notification date.  Related materials will be mailed to students who are admitted, deferred or waitlisted.   For those students whose applications are denied, letters will be available online only.

Where can I find Wesleyan’s Early Decision Agreement?

Wesleyan uses the Common Application Early Decision Agreement (although no parent signature is required). Get instructions here.

Can I complete all the testing by the ED deadlines?

Wesleyan does not require applicants from US and Canadian schools to submit SAT or ACT scores as part of an application for admission.

Applicants now have the option to select some score types and not others and will indicate on the Common Application which, if any, test results they would like to include as part of the application review.  Please visit our test optional page for more information about the test optional policy.

If you select to send scores along with your application, the latest testing date for Early Decision I is November, and the latest testing date for Early Decision II is January, in order for the admission committee to have all of your testing information for evaluation. We receive scores electronically in 10-14 days and it is not advised to pay to rush test scores.

What happens to my application if I am not offered admission through one of the ED programs?

If you are not admitted in Early Decision I, you may either be denied admission or deferred to Early Decision II or Regular Decision. If you are not admitted in Early Decision II, you may either be denied admission or deferred to Regular Decision. Wesleyan does not defer a large number of applicants, but rather uses deferrals when further information may be available at a later date or evaluation in the context of the entire admission pool may be important.

Does applying Early Decision increase my chances for admission?

Applying Early Decision has advantages both for the applicant and Wesleyan. Early Decision candidates simplify their college searches and ease the stress and expense that accompanies the admission process. It is also an applicant’s opportunity to let the admission committee know that Wesleyan is your first choice and that you are committed to enroll.