Applying to Wesleyan

Early Decision


ED1: NOV 15      
ED2: JAN 1

On-Line Decision Notification by:    

ED1: DEC 15       
ED2: FEB 15

As soon as you have decided to apply, select Wesleyan as one of your colleges. Complete the Wesleyan Member Questions along with your application. 

Your Early Decision application to Wesleyan University includes the following:

Early Decision Agreement Form
Your signed Early Decision Agreement must be received by the ED application deadline.  Students applying under Early Decision certify that Wesleyan is their first choice and agree to accept Wesleyan's offer of admission if extended.  Students also agree to withdraw applications submitted to other colleges and not to initiate any new applications. 

How ED works in Common Application

If a student is applying Early Decision to an institution, it is necessary that he/she complete the Common Application Early Decision Agreement form. In order to complete and submit this form online the student must first select the Early Decision term option for one school. Once this decision is selected, the ED Agreement will be available in the Supplements section of the student's Common Application account.

1. The applicant must read and sign the ED Agreement from within his/her Common Application account (no parent signature is required).  He/she must then notify the counselor that he/she is applying ED.

2. The counselor must then log into his/her account to read, sign, and submit the ED Agreement from within his/her Common App School Forms account (if the counselor has agreed to complete school forms online).

If the counselor is not completing the school forms online, the student must print the ED Agreement (within the school forms section) and give it to the counselor to send directly to the institution. Please note the counselor is responsible for the submission of the ED Agreement once the student has completed it. 

First-Year Application & Personal Essay
APPLY ONLINE  Submit your application online through the Common Application Web site.
Application Fee  ($55.00 Nonrefundable)

Payment of the application fee or submission of a fee waiver are required in order to submit your application through the Common Application.

Secondary School Report Form & Transcript

Your college counselor should submit a secondary school report along with an official transcript (including courses in progress) and school profile.

Home School Supplement (if applicable-only available on Common Application site)

Wesleyan encourages applicants to request that school forms be filed electronically via the Common Application website.

Midyear School Report Form
Your college counselor should submit your midyear grades when available (end of first semester or second trimester).
Teacher Evaluation Forms
Two academic teacher evaluations are required.  You are encouraged to submit one from a humanities or social sciences teacher and one from a math or science teacher.  

Wesleyan encourages applicants to request that teacher evaluations be filed electronically via the Common Application  website.

Test Scores
Wesleyan does not require most students to submit SAT or ACT scores as part of the application for admission. Students can decide for themselves whether or not their scores reflect their ability and if they would like their test scores to be weighed alongside their day-to-day work in secondary school. Homeschooled applicants, students without a traditional graded transcript, and those from some countries without external examinations will need to submit standardized testing. Learn more.

Wesleyan University School Codes:     CEEB (SAT) 3959     ACT 0614
Supplemental Materials
Information regarding submission of optional supplemental materials to your application may be found here.
Track Your Application Materials:
After you have submitted your application you will receive an email with a pin which will enable you to access WesCheck, your applicant portal, to track your application materials.

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