Applying to Wesleyan

Fee Waiver

Students may request a fee waiver if they are applying for financial aid and the cost of applying to Wesleyan would be a financial hardship for the family. Note that applying for a fee waiver will not disadvantage an applicant in any way.

College Board Fee Waiver

If you received an application fee waiver from the College Board, you should still answer the questions presented in the Common App Fee Waiver section.  Doing so will help Wesleyan identify you as a fee waiver eligible applicant.

Common App Fee Waiver

If you feel you qualify for a Common App fee waiver, you must certify this by typing your name in the Common App Fee Waiver section.

Having problems requesting a fee waiver?

If you do not qualify for a Common Application waiver, you may still qualify for a school-specific fee waiver from Wesleyan.  There is now a question on the Common Application which asks "Do you intend to use one of these school-specific fee waivers?"  There are three options to answer:

1)  Yes, I am part of an organization that has a fee waiver agreement with Wesleyan

2)  Yes, I have been pre-authorized by a Wesleyan staff member

3)  No, I do not qualify for a Wesleyan fee waiver

Choose the option that accurately reflects your status.

Additional questions about fee waivers may be directed to Diane Crescimanno

Additional information about fee waivers:

  • Wesleyan will also accept a letter from your guidance counselor/college advisor or representative from a social service or community agency, stating that the fee would cause financial hardship given limited family resources;
  • The NACAC fee waiver request form completed by your guidance counselor/college advisor;
  • We also accept ECO (Expanding College Opportunities) fee waiver forms.