Allendale, NJ                      

Bergen County Academies: Academy for the Advancement of Science & Technology     

Neuroscience & Behavior; Music 

For my music thesis, I will lead a choir of eight singers, performing a concert of cross-cultural vocal music that elicit a sense of loss—perhaps music sung at funerals or songs about unrequited love. I want to explore what the emotion of loss might mean to different cultures and see if I can create a cohesive concert.


I’m a member of two a cappella groups: the Wesleyan Spirits, the oldest all-male group at Wesleyan, and the Mixolydians, the student-run chamber choir. My love of music has allowed me to perform in a number of senior theses and serve as director of music for two large-scale musicals in my junior year. I’m also a staff member at the theater production group Second Stage, the only entirely student-run theater production group in the United States. I have lived in two program houses: 200 Church and Music House, and I am a brother of Alpha Delta Phi Society, and a member of WesDEF (the Wesleyan Diversity Education Facilitators), and the Sound CoOp. 

During the summer I work at the American Red Cross of Greater New York as a part of the Ready When the Time Comes program, a live database of all the Red Cross volunteers in New York City that can be called during an emergency. As one of the organizers, I once had to set up emergency shelters for five five-alarm fires in a single day.

“Inscribing Sound: A Cultural History of Notation,” a music major's seminar with Professor Jane Alden. The class focused on the history, development, and musical implications of various forms of musical notation.

My first moving Wesleyan experience was singing in the Wesleyan Spirits’ fall jam my freshman year. I had only started singing during high school and had never sung with an a cappella group before. Singing in an end of-semester concert with a crew of extremely close friends for a really (really) large audience was an awesome surprise.

After Wesleyan, I hope to spend a year or two traveling around the country. I have been to 20 states already, but I want to visit all 50. Then I plan to go to graduate school to continue studying music or music education.

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