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Denver, CO                         
Kent Denver School      
Dance and Religion
Jerusalem, Israel                   

I am exploring the relationship between body and soul, using the works of modern Jewish philosophers and modern dance choreographers/dancers, for a religion department thesis and an original choreography work for the dance department.

I sing in an all-female a cappella group, Onomatopoeia.  Through the dance department, I’ve had the opportunity to choreograph, perform, and work backstage on various shows. I’m also involved in MIX, the Mixed Heritage Group and was very involved in Jewish life. I lived in The Bayit, the Jewish entho-cultural house, and baked about ten loaves of challah bread every week for the free Shabbat dinner!   
During my junior year, I studied abroad in Jerusalem on a program that allowed me to take dance classes at the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance. I also took religion classes at Hebrew University. That semester opened my eyes to the beauties and wonders of life, especially in such a complicated country. For two of my summers, I returned to Colorado to work as a camp counselor, which enabled me to hone in on my leadership skills and positively affect young people.        
It’s the little moments that sneak up on me. Sometimes I’ll be walking, stuck in my head, when I hear drumbeats echoing through the CFA and decide to sit down on the grass and watch a West African Dance performance. Or I’ll walk outside on a sunny day and see tons of people flying kites on Foss Hill, plop down to read, and find myself chatting with someone I haven’t seen in weeks about a professor that we both love.

I hope to spend a year traveling so that I can continue to broaden my understanding of the world and other ways of life. I will then decide whether to pursue an advanced degree in religious or dance studies, or to become a teacher.

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