Manila, Philippines                          

Reedley International School

English and Psychology
Creative writing thesis based in Nonfiction                   

I currently sing in Onomatopoeia, an all-girls acapella group, and have studied Ballet, hip-hop and Bharatanatyam. I participate in the Terpsichore and Spring Dance showcases every year and was in the campus production of Rent last spring. For three semesters, I worked in the campus mailroom and also have worked for Bon Appetit. I also am an active member of Pinoy, the Filipino Students’ Association. 

I study ballet, travel and write. The summer before junior year I wrote a children’s book, and this past summer participated in SealNet, a service leadership program aiming to improve health education for young children in Southeast Asia.    
"Techniques of Nonfiction" taught by Professor Cohen rekindled my love for creative writing and helped me through a difficult period of personal transitions. The course made me take an honest look at myself, assess my strengths, and map out my goals—not just for my Wesleyan career, but for the rest of my life. The class’ stimulating, enriching atmosphere, coupled with Professor Cohen's and my fellow classmates’ passion and enthusiasm about creative writing, compelled me to choose majors—English and Psychology—that made me feel passionate about my academic trajectory and empowered in my personal development. 
International Student Orientation 2009 was not only my first experience at Wes, but my introduction to the amazing people who would eventually become my closest friends over the years that followed. I will always relish how simple and enjoyable it was to connect with people through shared passions, interests and even the mere experience of being at Wes. It brought me out of my shell and into the crazy, wonderful world of Wes, and I will always remember it fondly.    

I plan to travel for a few months, then return to my home city of Manila to care for my family. I plan to write, volunteer for a nonprofit organization specifically focused on addressing poverty in the Philippines, and teach underprivileged children before eventually returning to the United States to go to graduate school.

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