San Diego, CA                   
Canyon Crest Academy     
University Major – Educational Psychology and Learning Theory; Psychology; Biology

I am working on a thesis on the underlying cognitive causes of the academic achievement gap. This idea came out of a longtime interest in education and the necessity for education reform. In this study, I am looking at how different cognitive concepts (numerical and linguistic) influence early mathematical achievement across socioeconomic status.

My favorite class was a little untraditional in that it’s one I taught rather than one I took. Fall of my junior year, I co-led/coordinated a student forum (student taught class) on Education Policy in the U.S. in which we had a weekly speaker series (an expert in the field), and an intense weekly discussion with the 15 students in the class on a hot topic in education policy.
For the last three years, I have been involved with The Wesleyan Argus newspaper as photo editor, visual editor, and food editor. I work in a cognitive development lab, doing research with three-to-seven-year-olds on numerical and spatial development, and do photography for much of the theater and dance on campus.
I spent the summer after both my sophomore and junior years at Wesleyan doing research in my cognitive development lab, as well as helping with and substitute teaching at Kindergarten Kickstart—a summer prekindergarten program founded by a Wesleyan professor and some of her students—in Middletown that seeks to narrow the school readiness gap. I also taught 9th grade biology with Breakthrough Collaborative after my freshman year. Outside of academia, I have been practicing taekwondo for over 12 years.
It’s really hard to pinpoint a single standout Wesleyan experience because every moment stands out in its own way. My favorite thing about Wesleyan is the people: everyone is passionate, engaged, and enthusiastic about everything they (and their peers) do, so it is impossible for me to narrow down a single experience when all of them have involved such incredible people.     

I plan to teach for at least a few years after I graduate (I’d love to teach kindergarten, but would also consider teaching high school science), before going to graduate school for developmental psychology in order to engage my research in cognitive development in early learning.

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