New York, NY                   
La Salle Academy     
Psychology; Certificate in the Study of Education
Perth, Western Australia                   

My thesis will look into the thought processes of accepting actions that are deemed taboo by society within one’s own family while acknowledging their existence. It will focus primarily on women’s denial and intentional dismissiveness.

I have enjoyed many classes at Wesleyan; however, the ones that have resonated with me the most are the ones in which professors make the material very intriguing and critical. I took a dance class called “Delicious Movement for Reflecting on Nakedness” where we studied the ways in which human beings can experience being metaphorically naked, while focusing on the atomic bombings in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. It was a phenomenal learning experience! I also enjoyed taking “Cultural Psychology;” it opened up my perspective on our society’s subtle oppressive behaviors.
I have been very active in the Wesleyan community since my freshman year. During my first year I was a coxswain for the men’s crew team. Soon after,I became treasurer of Ajua Campos, one of the Latino groups on campus. I also becamea dancer and treasurer of Caliente, a Latin dance group. I managed all financial aspects of the 7th National Dominican Student Conference, hosted WesQuisqueya by the Dominican Student Association. I work at Wesleyan Student Assembly administrative office, the Office of Student Activities & Leadership Development, and Residential Life. I have also been a teacher’s assistant to a biology course taught at Connecticut Valley Hospital.
For the past three summers and winter breaks, I have interned at a small nonprofit in New York City called Student Sponsor Partners, where at-risk, innercity, public middle school students, are placed in private high schools with the proper guidance of a recruited mentor. I also spent half of last summer doing independent research with Professor Robert Steele on “Racialized” Violence—how institutional racism compares to historical acts of annihilation. I am also a participant in the volunteer program Wesleyan has set-up with Connecticut Valley Hospital.
Studying abroad—I was able to compare the ways in which we are very privileged at Wesleyan; the availability of our professors and student group resources is incomparable to any institution around the world. It gave me a newfound appreciation for everything that we have here.     

I hope to enter a Ph.D. program in clinical psychology. I have also considered taking a gap year to work at a nonprofit and gain some field experience.

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