Brooklyn, NY
The Beacon School
African American Studies and HispanicLiterature and Cultures
Salamanca, Spain

I am examining the relationship between mothers and the people who care for their children, looking specifically at the process by which these figures in a child’s life learn from one another.

My favorite class was “Mixed in America: Race, Religion and Memoir,”a Religion, American Studies, and African American Studies cross-listed class I took sophomore year with Professor Elizabeth McAlister. This class was particularly special because we were a really small group of students and all somehow personally invested in learning about the varied experiences of people of mixed race and religion. We had great discussions and grew to know each other and Professor McAlister really well. At the end of the semester, we each wrote a personal memoir relating to our experiences as people of mixed heritage, which was thoroughly enjoyable but also emotionally taxing.
I was a resident advisor for Clark Writing Hall, a freshman hall for students interested in writing, for two years. I am a member of several student groups, including Wesleyan MIX, Wesleyan’s mixed heritage student group; Clinic Escorts, a group that trains and organizes Wesleyan students to escort patients into a heavily-protested women’s clinic in Bridgeport, Connecticut; and the African American Studies Major Committee. I also play soccer on Wesleyan’s women’s club team and I am a Mellon Mays Undergraduate Fellow. This semester I am a teaching assistant for Introduction to African American literature.
I spend a lot of my time outside of Wesleyan working with kids. I babysit for several families in New York, tutor in basic math skills and reading comprehension, and volunteer intermittently at the Brooklyn New Schoolin first- and third-grade classrooms. I spent my last three summers scooping ice cream, interning for the Fort Greene Park Conservancy, teaching art at a community organization in Harlem, and doing research about the Baby College at New York University. I also practice yoga and enjoy running and biking in Prospect Park.
The blackout! My sophomore year the state of Connecticut lost power for three days during an unexpected snow storm in October. We had no heat, no food, and no idea as to when classes would resume. It was a tense few days but the incident and its aftermath brought the community together in an unbelievable way. On less dramatic days I love cooking and hanging out with my friends while listening to Beyoncé.

I am applying for a Fulbright English Teaching Assistantship grant in Brazil and hope to spend a year there. I ultimately intend to pursue a PhD in Africana Studies.

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