Rowland Heights, CA
Troy High School
Molecular Biology and Biochemistry and Science in Society Program

I’m not positive if I will write a thesis yet, but if I do, I want to focus on how health has changed in America. With the commercialization of prescription drugs and the increase in a culture of self-diagnoses as websites like WebMD become more popular, I wish to explore how the definition of health has shifted.


Evolution of Scientific Medicine, a class that defines the Science in Society major—a multidisciplinary study of science and the role it plays in society. The class explored how medicine has changed throughout history, from Hippocratic to modern-day medicine. We also spent a lot of time looking into current healthcare systems in various countries. As a pre-med student, the class was invaluable for me as it gave me a sense of the professional field and culture I will be entering after Wesleyan.


This past year, I was the co-chair of the Korean Student Association (KSA) as well as a leader in Wesleyan Christian Fellowship (WesCF). I’ve been a resident advisor and also worked as a student intern for the Office of Alumni/Parent Relations. I am a course assistant for intro physics courses and am part of the peer-tutoring program for the Deans’ Office for the same courses. Much of my time is spent in Professor Olson’s lab in the MB&B department, where I work as a student-researcher on my own project, studying and characterizing the binding region of Vibrio cholerae cytolysin, a toxin secreted by Vibrio cholera. This research is especially unique due to the health effects of Vibrio cholera as one of the bacteria that cause the disease cholera.


My first KSA Culture Show. I performed in a few K-pop performances with my friends, and it was a blast to dance in front of such a large crowd. Through it, I became more plugged into the Korean community at Wes. The culture show also showed me how accepting Wesleyan is of diversity and different cultures.


During the longer summer and winter breaks, I spend a lot of time at my local church, helping out with the kids and youth. I love working with kids and wish to possibly pursue a career in pediatrics. I also recently became a certified EMT, and hope to continue building upon my experience in that field.


I will be taking a year off before going to med-school during which I hope to travel around Europe and Asia since I wasn’t able to study abroad. I also plan on continuing to work as an EMT in my hometown.


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