Manila, Philippines
International School Manila
History and Environmental Studies double major

While I won’t be writing a thesis, I will be completing a senior essay across both the history and environmental studies departments. My paper will examine the relationship between environmental factors and conflict and will include primary source research. It is very reductive to say that “environmental scarcity causes conflict”; therefore, my research will examine the other factors that contribute to conflict. In many instances, environmental factors are triggers, and my paper aims to look at how much of a role the environment
really does play in conflict.


Inside Nazi Germany, taught by my advisor Prof. Erik Grimmer-Solem. I find German history (especially 1934–1941) to be extremely fascinating and studying the social and political dynamics of Nazi Germany was incredible.
Prof. Grimmer-Solem really humanizes the class by including information about his family’s experience. The course material is so heavy that he only teaches the course once every four years, but it is so worth it.


My activities range from working as Film Hall house manager to being a member of Prometheus, our fire spinning group. I am currently student worker at Weshop, our campus grocery store, a member of Alpha Delta Phi (a coed literary society), an active participant in sexual assault programming, and a Queer Resource
Center Intern.


My favourite Wesleyan experience occurs at the same time every year: the week after spring semester midterms. Sitting around outside on the grass, in the sun with my friends, we all start talking about our classes and what we’re going to do for our final pieces of work. Although most of us don’t have any classes together it is always so interesting to talk about the Cold War, psychology, organic chemistry, and poetry, with a diverse group of people.


Over the past two summers, I have interned at environmental NGOs including Clean Air Asia in the Philippines as well Health Care Foundation Nepal and United Missions, both based in Kathmandu, Nepal. I also worked on an independent film last summer after volunteering on two senior film theses at Wes.


I haven’t decided what I want to do after graduation but I’m sure life will take me back to Asia and I will continue to be involved in environmental issues. I am considering going straight to grad school for film; however, I will most likely end up working for a few years until I find more of a focus.


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