Toronto, Canada
St. Clement’s School
Neuroscience and Behavior and Psychology double major

My thesis will examine the intersection of trauma and cognition through the use of Electroencephalography and Event Related Potentials. Specifically, I’ll be analyzing the effects of mood induction on Error Related Negativity.


Social Psychology. I took it on a whim my freshman year, having never taken a psych class before, and ended up being a TA the following year. I had come to Wesleyan planning on doing the engineering program, but Social Psych completely shifted my academic course. Professor Plous is an incredible teacher who knows how to engage with students and how to push you outside of your comfort zone both socially and intellectually.


I played for the woman’s rugby team for two years, the second of which I was captain. I also wrote and directed a play that was part of a series of short theater pieces, and I did lighting design for the entire show. Through both my sophomore and junior year, I worked for Counseling and Psychological Services as the Sexual Assault Response Team intern, coordinating everything from workshops and guest speakers to the Title IX Student Advisory Committee. Through my work as SART Intern, I was inspired to start a line of underwear promoting sexual consent, which was later sold to the student body, as well as run in the Student of Colour Fashion Show for two years. Finally, I work as a research assistant in the Cognitive Affective Personality Sciences Lab.


It’s really hard to pinpoint any one experience as my favourite. For me, what makes the Wesleyan experience so great are the students. Everybody has a hidden talent or interest, and everyone has a passion for knowledge. That’s not to say that students spend all their free time in the library, but you could easily end up in a conversation with an arts studio major talking about string theory on a Friday night.


Before coming to Wesleyan I was captain of a team in the Ontario Women’s Soccer League, and I continue to play and coach whenever I can. For the past two summers, I worked at a business-to-business marketing agency, and I also worked part-time doing an inventory of a private wine collection. Most importantly, I have been on several international volunteer projects to help build schools and repair communities after environmental disasters.


I’m definitely thinking about graduate school, but my immediate plan has always been to join the Peace Corps.


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