Wesleyan Students

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Student Life


Remarkably varied communities contribute to the richness of student life at Wesleyan. A physics major may spend a spring afternoon playing ball with the Cardinal team, eat dinner with close friends in their wood-frame house, and direct a play at Second Stage in the evening. The possibilities for excitement are limited only by time and imagination. 

Virtually all extracurricular organizations are student-run. Spirited students provide the impetus for change as organizations evolve and new ones arise.

In the arts, Wesleyan brings to campus a broad range of musical events, plays, dance, performance, art and photography exhibitions, and more. In athletics, Wesleyan's rivalry with Amherst and Williams predates the existence of both the Ivy League and the Big Ten. Each year, Wesleyan dukes it out with these historic rivals, and with other teams of the New England Small College Athletic Conference.