Evaluating the Candidate

Don't feel obliged to record every part of your conversation. Instead, review the interview in your mind, select the most important or revealing characteristics about this person, and try to make those points clear. Interview reports frequently substantiate impressions gained from other parts of the application and may add important details to our evaluation. Your perspective as a Wesleyan alumnus is very valuable, particularly with regard to such intangible characteristics as intellectual curiosity, motivation, and open-mindedness.

Your report should include your impressions of this candidate as a student and a person. Before writing your report, jot down a few notes about your conversation. For specifics on what we would like to know about each student, please refer to the link "Interviews." Use the information you've learned about this student to describe his/her academic achievement and intellectual curiosity. Assess the way in which the candidate approaches her academic and extracurricular interests and provide specific examples from your conversation.  Think about how she might fit into the Wesleyan environment.