Admission Volunteers

Questions about the Waitlist

  • When is my reply due?
    • In order to be considered for the waiting list, you must reply before May 1. We may be able to offer some students a place in this fall’s class immediately after the common May 1 deadline for deposits at most colleges and universities. Please reply by logging to your portal to access the waiting list reply form.
  • How will I know if my reply has been received?
    • Those who indicate that they would like to remain on the waiting list will receive an acknowledgment by email (or return mail) in approximately 7-10 days.
  • Should I pay a deposit to another school which I would attend if I am not offered a place at Wesleyan from the waiting list?
    • Yes. You need to reserve your place there in case Wesleyan is unable to offer you admission. The deposit is usually non-refundable and due May 1.
  • Is the waiting list ranked?
    • No, the waiting list is not ranked. However, as each applicant was read, the deans made notes and recommendations. A rating system was used, so we have some idea of which students look the strongest.
  • Can I send supplementary material?
    • No, but you can certainly send us more information if you think it is significant. For example, you may write a letter which indicates how much you would like to attend Wesleyan. We also welcome additional academic updates such as recent grades sent from your school. Do not send any additional arts materials.
  • Is there anything I can do to increase my chances of being admitted?
    • Not really. Aside from the letter indicating the strength of your interest you have already made your best case. Since we will be carefully monitoring your academic performance, the most positive thing you can do is work hard and do your absolute best in school.
  • How long does the waiting list stay in effect?
    • Most activity on the waiting list will take place in early May, once we have heard from all the students we have admitted. However, there is an inevitable “ripple effect” when other colleges go to their waiting lists and some of those who deposited at Wesleyan choose to accept an offer off the waiting list from another school. So, these waves can go on for quite a while (affecting fewer and fewer students) until the end of June. We do send a letter to all those still waiting as soon as we know that we will not admit any more people from our waiting list.
  • Can I visit Wesleyan?
    • Yes, especially if you have not yet had a chance to visit. The usual schedule of tours and information sessions, available at, will be in effect, so you should be able to get good information about Wesleyan to help you make your ultimate decision. We hope you will understand interviews and overnights can no longer be scheduled for fall admission candidates.