Your New Alumni Admission Portal

In the past, students have initiated all contact with WAAV in the interview process. While students will still make the initial request for an alumni interview, there will be a change in the process at that point. You will receive a secure link via email (which you may choose to bookmark) to view the names of students who have requested an interview.

If you are in the USA the list will include those nearest you, sorted by proximity. Outside the USA the list will include those in your country--ignore the "Distance N/A" notation. As we are unable at this point to give you distances for these students, you may select the students you are able to accommodate with an interview.

When you click on a name in the queue, you will be able to "claim" that person as your interviewee. Once you have done so, that name will move to your assigned interview list and no longer appear on other local alums' lists. In the assigned list, clicking on a name will take you to that person's email address so you may contact them to arrange time and place of interview. After the interview, click that name again to access and submit the interview report form. We hope this will be a convenient and up-to-date approach allowing you to contact, interview and report.

There may not be any requests in your area yet so don't be alarmed if the list in your portal is empty now. We will encourage students to request an interview and we plan to update WAAV by email as we know where interview requests are coming from. We know that there may be questions about this new process, so please be in touch at if you need assistance navigating the new system.