Katie headshot

Katie Vasquez '20

Prospective Psychology and English double major

Admission Intern 
Cardinal Cheerleading
The Subway Ride staff member
Publicity Manager for various Second Stage productions

Princeton, NJ

Princeton High School

I grew up in central New Jersey and went to a competitive school district. After hearing my peers mention so many different names of different colleges, I constantly changed my mind about where I wanted to go. I settled on Wesleyan with Middletown reminding me of my hometown and it helped that I instantly fell in love with all of the dogs on campus. By the way, I have three dogs named Bandit, Autumn, and Zeus. They’re the best and I miss them so much when I’m away. I also have a fish named Sverdrup but she is far less exciting.

I wanted to apply to a total of ten colleges but I had only been able to make a list of nine. I went online to the college search website my high school recommended. After I checked off everything I wanted in a school, the one 100 percent match I had was Wesleyan University. The How I Met Your Mother fan I was recognized the name but thought it was a fictional place made for the characters. After looking into the school online, I realized the admissions representative was coming to my high school in a few days. After he told me I wouldn’t have to take math here, I knew it was a true match.

"Thunder Road" by Bruce Springsteen

Forrest Gump

I once broke a man's nose when I was eight years old.  My neighbor hired him to scare the kids on Halloween.  When he grabbed my shoulder, I turned around and punched him like my karate instructor had taught me to do.