Sharit Cardenas Lopez '19

Sharit Cardenas Lopez '19

Anthropology and Science in Society

Admission Intern 
Member of Ajua Campos
House manager of Sign Language House
Member of the Undergraduate Residential Life Committee

Oakland, CA

Envision Academy of Art and Technology

I graduated from Envision Academy (EA), a public charter school, which was the first place where I was exposed to a small and helpful educational environment. Even though Wesleyan is a smaller school compared to others, my transition was rough just like it was for many people. I was exposed to an environment were many differences were obvious and I had to go through many changes all at once, which was frighting and difficult. However, I found a loving and caring community that helped me deal with all the challenges and the deriving emotions. I am now a member of Ajua Campos, the Latino group on campus, I am the house manager of Sign Language House, and a member of the Undergraduate Residential Life Committee. Through this avenues I am able to make my voice and the voice of my peers heard, stand up for my believes and create awareness about discrimination and inequality on campus.

I had no idea that Wesleyan existed until Student Rising Above, a four year scholarship for low income, unrepresented students, told me about it. When I applied to Wesleyan and visited It never crossed my mind that I would attend a school across the country. When visiting Wesleyan for the first time, through the fly in program, I instantly felt comfortable and in love with the campus and the students. I knew that I really liked Wesleyan, but I was not sure if I was ready to leave home, yet alone go across the country. Soon I realized I loved Wesleyan because I could finally experience something new filled with many adventures and challenges. Moreover, Wesleyan is amazing in the sense that it has a strong community of people of color, and a huge passion for social justice, something that was essential for me and convinced me that Wesleyan is the right place for me. 

Rock With You by Michael Jackson

I don't have a favorite, but I LOVE Grey's Anatomy!

I know three languages: Spanish, English and American Sign Language.