Asian Languages and Literatures

Department Description

Department/Program Description.

The department offers a number of courses on Japanese, and Chinese literature for which no knowledge of a foreign language is required. Courses on the Chinese, Japanese and Korean languages will satisfy the language requirements for students majoring in East Asian studies but are by no means restricted to such students. Prospective majors should consult the description of the East Asian Studies Program. For general questions involving language, please consult Etsuko Takahashi (Japanese), Xiaomiao Zhu (Chinese) and Hyejoo Back (Korean).

Study Abroad.
  • Japan. Wesleyan is a member institution of the Associated Kyoto Program

  • China. Wesleyan is a consortial partner in the Wesleyan/Duke/Washington University Study in China Program, the Associated Colleges in China (ACC) headquartered in Hamilton College, and Princeton Beijing. For more information, consult Xiaomiao Zhu.

  • Programs in the following Asian countries have also been approved for Wesleyan students: India, Indonesia, Korea, Nepal, Thailand, and Tibet. Please contact the Office of International Studies for more information on programs in these countries.