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Mellon Fellows, 2014-2016

The Center for the Americas Andrew W. Postdoctoral Fellows for 2014-2016 are:

Carlos Dimas holds a PhD in History from the University of California, Riverside, a MA in History from California State University and a BS in History from Woodbury University.  His PhD dissertation, is titled “Disease and Democracy: The Cholera Epidemics of Northwestern Argentina and the Practice of Governance, 1865-1905”.  His most recent publications include "The Poisoned Eden: Farmers Fruit and Folk Healers in the 1868 Cholera Epidemic of Tucuman, Argentina" for the  Journal of Agricultural History (forthcoming); "Entre vida y Enfermedad: Las Epedemias de colera de Tucuman y nuevos metodos en el estudio de enfermedad" Presented at Instituto Superior de Estudios Sociales-CONICET in San Miguel de Tucuman. Argentina 2012; "Doctors within Borders: Doctors and the Nineteenth Century Cholera Epidemics of Tucuman and the Formation of the Argentine National Health Care System" Presented at the Latin American Studies Association Conference San Francisco 2012.

Mark Minch holds a PhD in Rhetoric from the University of California Berkely, a MA in Rhetoric from the University California, Berkley and a BA with honors from California State University, Chico. His disertation is titled: " Making Indians:(Post)Genocidal (Neo)Salvage Projects, Biopolitical Voices and Other Gestures of Indigeneity". His most recent publications include: "Silence: Salvage Ethnography, Genocide and the Return of Languages in California" Speaker at the Native American and Indigenous Studies Association conference Saskatoon Canada 2013; "Ghosts are Real (well, at least the empirical ones are)" Speaker at the Second International Conference on the Inclusive Museum Queensland Australia 2009