American Studies

Comparative Americas Courses, 2011-12

Fall 2011
LAST219-01         Latin American Economic Development
LAST 220-01        20th Century Franco-Caribbean Lit.  & the search for Identity
LAST 226-01        Spanish American Literature & Civilization
LAST 245-01        Survey of Latin American History
LAST 271-01        Political Economy of Developing Countries
LAST 284-01        Jorge Luis Borges
LAST 285-01        Narratives of Crisis: Violence and Representation inContemporary Latin American Culture
LAST 290-01        Colonial Fantasies: Rethinking the Conquest through Film
LAST 306-01        Liberation Theology & Pentecostalism in the Americas & Africa
LAST 383-01        East Asian & Latin American Development
AMST 270-01        Rebellion and Representation: Art in North America to 1867

Spring 2012
LAST 226-01        Spanish American Literature & Civilization
LAST 247-01        Caribbean Literature
LAST 261-01        Intellectuals & Cultural Politics in Latin America
LAST 302-01        Latin American Politics
AMST 294-01       Diasporas, Transnationalism  & Citizenship
AMST 297-01       Religion and the Social Construction of Race
AMST 308-01       Iberian Expansion & the Discovery of Africa
AMST 362-01       Authenticity in the Americas
SOC 240-01         Comparative Race and Ethnicity

Updates may occur, please check back.  (Many of the courses listed above are cross listed with other departments, please check WESMAPS for a complete list of cross list numbers.)