American Studies

Comparative Americas Courses 2012-13




AFAM 203  African American History

AFAM 229 Poets and Playwrights of Negritude


LAST 219 Latin American Economic Development

LAST 226  Spanish American Literature and Civilization

LAST 250 Performing “Africa” in Brazil

LAST 254  Tales of Resistance

LAST 264 African Presences I

LAST 265  Nation and Narration [new title]

LAST 296  Colonial Latin America

LAST 302  Latin American Politics

LAST 306  Liberation Theology and Pentecostalism





AMST 221 Acadia/Nova Scotia/Mi'kma'ki

AMST 263  Transnational Sexualities

AMST 294  Diasporas, Transnationalism and Globalization

AMST 339   The Caribbean Epic


LAST 226  Spanish American Literature and Civilization

LAST 245 Survey of Latin American History

LAST 256 Nomadic Islanders

LAST 264 African Presences II

LAST 273 The Idea of Latin America

LAST 274 Art and Society in the Ancient American World

LAST 287  Contemporary Latin American Fiction

LAST 292  Sociology of Economic Change

LAST 383  East Asian and Latin American Development