American Studies




LAST 219

Latin America Economic Development

LAST 226

Spanish American Literature and Civilization

LAST 264

African Presences II Music in the Americas

LAST 279

Intro to Latin America Literatures and Cultures

LAST 283

Pathological Citizens: The Politics & Poetics of Disease in Latin American Literature

LAST 288

Cultures in Conflict: Latin American Novels of the 20th & 21st Centuries

LAST 296

Colonial Latin America

LAST 302

Latin American Politics

LAST 305

Problems in Brazilian History

AFAM 203

African American History 1444-1877

AFAM 310

Iberian Expansion and the "Discovery' of African in Travel Narratives and Art

AFAM 325

Writing Black radicalism: W.E.B. Du Bois, C.L.R. James and Richard Wright




LAST 226

Spanish American Literature and  Civilization

LAST 245

Survey of Latin American History

LAST 258

Simon Bolivar: The politics of Monument Building

LAST 260

The Uses of the Past: Literature and History in Latin America

LAST 271

Political Economy of Developing Countries

LAST 292

Sociology of Economic Change: Latin American Response to Global Capitalism

LAST 318

Who Owns Culture? A History of Cultural & Intellectual Property in the U.S. & L.A.

LAST 383

East Asian and Latin American Development

AFAM 229

Poets and Playwrights of Negritude

AFAM 280

Religion and the Social Construction of Race

HIST 332

Atlantic Africa

AMST 294

Diasporas, Transnationalism and Globalization

ARHA 270

Art in North America to 1867

DANC 377

Perspectives in Dance as Culture: Dance of the African Diaspora

ENGL 344

Naipaul, Rushdie and Cesaire

IBST 316

Dialogue of Poets: Classical and 20th Century Poetry in Spain and Latin America

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