Hemispheric Americas Courses, Fall 2017

AMST 213 African American History, 1444-1877, STAFF
LAST 219  Latin American Economic Development, Melanie Khamis
AMST 228 Sex, Money. and Power, Margot Weiss
AMST 238 Indigenous Rights and Representations, Deanna Barenboim
HIST 253  Slavery, Race, and Indigeneity in Early America, Demetrius Eudell
LAST 283  Literature and Culture of Peru, Matthew Treme
AMST 284 Early North America to 1763, Jeffers Lennox
LAST 291  From the Muralists to the Narconovela, Robert Conn
LAST 296  Colonial Latin America, STAFF
LAST 302  Latin American Politics, James W. McGuire
LAST 308  Greater Latin America, Diana Schwartz
HIST 322  Exploration, Conquest and Insurrection, STAFF
FREN 324 Interpreting the New World, Michael Meer                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           ENGL 244 Kill Anything That Moves: The Vietnam War in Literature and Film, Marguerite Nguyen


Hemispheric Americas Courses, Spring 2018

HIST 245   Modern Latin American Since 1810, STAFF
LAST 219  Latin American Economic Development, Melanie Khamis
AMST 226 20th-Century Franco-Caribbean Literature, Typhaine Leservot
LAST 226 Spanish American Literature and Civilization, Robert Conn
HIST 259  Homelands and First Nations: Native Worlds in North America, Jeffer Lennox
LAST 265  Multilingual Aesthetics in Latin America, Paula Park
LAST 266  Latin American Theater and Performance, Matthew Treme
LAST 271  Political Economy of Developing Countries, James McGuire
HIST 295  Oh Canada: Creating the Northern Neighbor, Lennox, Jeffers
LAST 335 Nature, Science, and Empire in Early Latin America, STAFF


Transnational American Studies Courses, Spring 2018

AMST 269 New World Poetics, Matthew Garrett
AMST 291 Afro-Asian Intersections in the Americas, Amy Tang
AMST 308 Indigenous Mobilities Deanna Barenboim
AMST 313 After Orientalism: Asian-American Literature and Theory after 2000, Amy Tang