Animal Studies

Upcoming Events

Animal Dignity and an Ethics of Sight
Photography by Isa Leshko and Frank Noelker

Tuesday, September 23 through Friday Ocotber 10, 2014

South Gallery, Ezra and Ceclie Zilkha Galleryanimal dignity

Past Events

On April 29th, Wesleyan Animal Studies and the Wesleyan Student Assembly hosted a bus trip to the Bronx Zoo's Congo Forest.  Professor Weil gave a brief history of zoos on the trip to the zoo, students heard currator Colleen McCann talk about the gorillas at the zoo and the work that the Wildlife Conservation Society is doing to protect gorillas and other apes in Africa, and Professor Gruen raised questions about the ethics of captivity on the way back to Wesleyan.

Kheel Poster

On November 9-10th, 2012, Wesleyan Animal Studies co-sponsored "Finding A Niche for All Animals: a conference honoring the Ecofeminist work of Marti Kheel."  Organzied by Lori Gruen and Carol Adams, the two-day conference featured more than a dozen guest speakers from across the country for interactive panel discusssions and talks.