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Search Tips


1) Choose one collection to search, or Search all Departmental Collections. 


2) Type search term(s) into the first box.  If desired, choose a type of item 

    (e.g. Video) from the second box.

     Or, leave the first box blank and choose a type of item from the second box, to

     find all of that particular type.

     Or, from an individual library, Browse All Titles A-Z. 

     Sort results by clicking a column.

    The maximum number of records that may be returned is 500.


3) Click an entry to see the detailed record.




Search terms may include author/creator, title, publisher, place of publication, publication year, language, notes, or subject/keyword.


Search all or part of a word:

act finds act and acting and transactions

Or a phrase (words adjacent):

health care

Or words (or parts of words) in the same field, separated with %:

science%graduate programs

graduate programs%science

Case doesn't matter, but punctuation and special characters within a search term do:



 Do not include diacritics.


The less you type the better.  You're more likely to get results.