Access to Collections

The Archaeology and Anthropology Collections are temporarily closed until December 1, 2014. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Wesleyan University's Archaeology and Anthropology Collections primarily serve in a research and teaching capacity and are not generally accessible to the public. Most objects are in storage and are only accessible by prior arrangement. However, requests for information and access from scholars, educators, collections stakeholders and community members are welcome. The ability to honor such requests depends on numerous factors, most significantly the availability of space and staff, and tends to vary throughout the academic year.

The best way to ensure access to the legacy collection and to the extant and fossil primate cast collection is to contact us well in advance of anticipated needs.

Requests related to repatriation or collections bound by NAGPRA should be directed to Joyce Jacobsen, Dean of the Social Sciences and Director of Global Initiatives.

Please note that these collections are staffed part-time during the academic year and are closed annually from mid-June through mid-August, except for activities related to NAGPRA compliance. We do not provide identifications or valuations of cultural items. Please see our Collections Managament Policy for more detail on our governing mission, including policies regarding acquisitions and loans:

WUAAC Collections Management Policy (PDF file)

Requests for access to the Middletown archaeological collections may be addressed to the collections staff or to the Principal Investigator for the relevant archaeological project.

CURRENT PROJECTS: Beman Triangle, Middletown, Connecticut   Contact Prof. Sarah Croucher via E-mail