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Access and Information Requests

The majority of the objects in the Archaeology and Anthropology Collections are in storage and are only accessible by prior arrangement.

At present, we operate as a research and teaching collection. We welcome requests for information and access from scholars, educators, collections stakeholders and community members.

Our ability to honor such requests depends on numerous factors, most significantly the availability of space and staff, and tends to vary throughout the academic year. The best way to ensure access is to contact us well in advance of your anticipated needs.

Wesleyan students, staff and faculty interested in visiting, researching, working with, or teaching from the collections should contact the Collections Manager directly.

General public requests for access or information may be directed to either the Director of Collections or the Collections Manager.

Access and information requests related to NAGPRA should be directed to the Repatriation Coordinator.

Please note that the collections are staffed part-time during the academic year and are closed annually from mid-June through mid-August except for NAGPRA-related access.

Director of Collections

Douglas K. Charles
Professor of Anthropology
Professor of Archaeology
Phone: 860.685.3266
Contact Prof. Charles via E-mail


Repatriation Coordinator

Honor Keeler
Visiting Assistant Professor
Phone: 860.685.3265
Contact Prof. Keeler via E-mail


Collections Manager

Juliana Shortell
Phone: 860.685.2085
Fax: 860.685.2767
Contact Ms. Shortell via E-mail


Special Note

The Archaeology Program and Archaeology and Anthropology Collections faculty and staff fully support the University's efforts to comply with the Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act (NAGPRA). Please see Repatriation Project/NAGPRA Compliance for information on Wesleyan's NAGPRA compliance. Questions about NAGPRA compliance should be directed to Wesleyan's Repatriation Coordinator, Honor Keeler.