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2005 Wesleyan Football Team Photo

First Row  (L to R): Warren Clanton, Chris Conetta, Quincy Francis, Rob Weinstock, Dan McKenna, Adam Bunce, Shem Johnston-Bloom, Jeff McLaren, Brett Mullen, John Watson, Conor Galvin, Matt Barnum, Andrew Brooker, Adam Maxwell.  Second Row  (L to R):  Phil Banks, Tim Cullen, James Picariello, Blake Curry, Shawn Diefenbach, Zach Canter, Dave Ende, Greg Proechel, Brian Mahr, Brian Smithson, Joe Pepe, Steve Secundo, Brian Valerio.  Third Row  (L to R): Rob McCourt, Doug Collins, Jared Gagnon, Dave Sears, Daniel Steif, Francis Giantomasi, Manny Freemark, Dan Glyck, David Lucier, Corey Baker, Alfred Asante, Tim O'Callaghan.  Fourth Row  (L to R):  Ryan McLaren, Ben Nissim, Mark Noonan, Tom Addonizio, Zach Librizzi, Ross Coates, Jon Boyer-Dry, Steve Cohen, Garth Mitchell, Tyler Whitley, Alan Dockeray, Mike Raymond, Teray Tucker.  Fifth Row  (L to R):  Andrew Fiola, Ryan Walsh, Kwasi Ansu, Billy Pryor, Dan Collins, Sam Silverlieb, Andrew Dominguez, AJ Taucher, Ralph Izzo, Chris Helsel, Vince Colangelo, Pearce Talbot.  Sixth Row  (L to R):  Kevin Leamy, Anthony Marsella, Charlie Riether, Andrew Burger, Steve Rebh, Matt Maroldi, John Harding, Derek Kuwahara, Alex Zedlovich, Alex Early, Mike Lubrano, Chris Mixon, Ethan Pickett. Seventh Row  (L to R):  Andre Charles (student manager), George Smalanskas, Jesse Taft, Mike Ferris, Pat Senat, Lonnie Gibbs, Pete Overman, Brett Valentine, Tyler Chapin, Field Yates.  Back Row  (L to R):  Joe Fountain (head athletic trainer), Jophiel Philips (assistant coach), Brennan Carney (assistant coach), Hugh Villacis (assistant coach), Frank Hauser (head coach), John Raba (assistant coach), Kevin Loney (assistant coach), Tim Feshler (assistant coach), Vin Balsamo (assistant coach).  Missing:  Steve Tolbert.