The University will close at 6 p.m. today, Jan. 26, and will remain closed tomorrow. All classes and events are cancelled during this time. More information is available here. ×
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Front Row (seated, L to R): Sam Tomich, Logan Ludwig, Andy Heckel, Noel Flores, Tom Sisson, Steve Schwarz, Leslie Prado. Second Row  (kneeling, L to R):  Ivan Maulana, Derek Silverman, John Jarvis, Eric Boon, Peter Belmonte, Ryan Brill, Max Perel-Slater, Dan St. Hilaire, Rosemary Ostfeld.  Third Row  (standing, L to R):  Eric Spierer, Gilder Keeler, Terrence Word, Elliott Skopin, Adam Nikolich, Brian Studwell, Norman Azoulay, Matt McLarney, Jennifer Moyer.  Back Row (standing, L to R):  Norm Graf (assistant coach), Jeremy Brown, Ben Roberts, Parker Cook, Gael Hagan, Ross Heinemann, Tom Volgenau, Charlie Weiss, Doug Cody, George Bennum, Phil Carney (head coach).